We are currently able to undertake surveys and valuations as long as the recommended social distancing can be adhered to when inspecting property
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"Buying a home is likely to be the biggest purchase you will ever make"

Intelligent homebuyers realise why it is so important to have their own survey to confirm that the property is free from significant defect and associated expense. Money wisely spent on a survey can save the need to spend thousands on repairs or replacements should you proceed without a survey.

Your survey will also be a useful negotiating tool to further reduce the price you pay for your new home. If no significant repairs or expenditure are required then at least you have peace of mind. It is too late to negotiate a price once you have exchanged contracts.

Areas We Cover

We are able to undertake inspections in Hertfordshire, South Bedfordshire and North London.

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The RICS Condition Report gives you clear traffic light ratings showing the condition of the property, advice for your legal advisers and details of urgent defects.


The RICS Homebuyer Report gives you all that the RICS Condition Report does but includes further advice on defects and how they may affect the value of the property plus a market valuation and building insurance estimate if requested.


The Building Survey gives you a comprehensive structural report tailored to suit your property, highlighted defects, repairs and maintenance options. Essential for large or older properties or where you are planning major works.

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